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Department of Geometrical Structure Analysis

Department chair: Professor Takashi Shioya

Many natural phenomena are close and connected to geometry. Our department conducts applied research in various fields, such as material science, from a geometrical standpoint, using modern advances in geometry (differential geometry and topology) as a base. We conduct our research by converting discrete data into geometrical figures and then figuring out the essence of the data by focusing on the distant structures and topological structures, and also by figuring out the particular trends of certain data by investigating the subsidiary algebraic structures.

Research of Topological Data Analysis

We are developing applications to a number of scientific research disciplines, such as material science, by building the theory of topological data analysis, based on several combined fields of mathematics.

Research analyzing topological data

Quantum Walk Research

We conduct research aimed at clarifying and developing the theory of quantum walks,
which is originated in computer sciences, through various methods in discrete geometric analysis.

Quantum Walk Research